Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chapter 4

Personal Finance
Assignments 9-27-11 (due 10-11-11)

1. This chapter will take two class periods to finish. Fill in workbook questions for Chapter 4 (in class while watching dvds)

2. Type vocabulary words (page 42) and definitions from glossary.

3. Answer Chapter 4 Money In Review section of workbook. Check your answers with the answer key. Use this as a study guide for your Chapter 4 Test.

4. Do student activity sheet, “Hidden Costs of Credit”.

5. Do student activity sheet, “True Cost of Ownership”

6. Do student activity sheet, “Drive Free”

7. Do student activity sheet, “Making the Minimum.”

8. Do student activity sheet, “The Debt Snowball”

9. Do Chapter 4 case studies.

10. Continue to track your stocks and mutual funds on the student activity sheet “ Individual Fund Tracker”. This assignment will take 10 weeks. Due on December 13.

11. Take Chapter 4 Test. This is NOT an open book test.

12. Answer Before you Begin Chapter 5 (pg. 66)

13. Listen to Dave Ramsey for at least ½ hour each week. Type up a paragraph or two explaining what you learned. You will have 2 weeks of radio papers due on Oct 11. You may listen for 1 hour at once or ½ hour for 2 weeks.

If you have any questions or problems, please call or email me.
Ms. Diane 708-275-1726

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